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march 2014
Winter is going to be dazzling!

Indispensable and inspiring, light is the guest of honor this season at Playtime.
Discover all of its facets, waves and nuances in the fair's trends, exhibit and and activity spaces.

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practical info


practical info



Find the most beautiful children magazines at Playtime!
Partners always on the lookout for the latest trends,
who will do their best to make you have a good time.

kidswear logo


Light painting is where photography, game and light all meet. To represent the images we have in mind (or simply their name) with a dash of light, first you'll have to control the light! All photos can be found next to the Kid's Wear light painting studio during the show and then on

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Scandinavian style seduces across Europe! Lille Nord is landing in the universe of children's fashion magazines, with its minimal look and refined details.
Take time to thumb through their first printed issue on their booth, and bring your own artistic touch to their collaborative art wall.

kss logo


Based on their unique retail expertise, KidStyleSource will explore and explain all the trends of the season. Step by their booth to be aware of what will be hot for next winter and save some precious time with their real-time show coverage.


StyleShoots revolution is just around the corner!

Easy, fast, and productive, meet the future of photography at Playtime New York. StyleShoots™, the "all-in-one" photo studio will shoot your products, automatically erase backgrounds and require no retouching. And thanks to the iPad app that controls the StyleShoots™ you can choose from up to 25 export formats. Photographing your collections has never been so simple and fast!
contact: Mark Duhaime, CEO



Social media : Very Pinteresting!
Industry and social media experts team up to help you cut through the clutter on social media, bringing you top tips, strategies and practices to highlight and grow your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and more.

Earnshaw’s is the preeminent children’s apparel business magazine that reaches 15,000 U.S. retailers in the childrenswear market. The publication, which comes out 10 times a year, covering fashion and industry trends, new brands, top companies and retail technologies, has been growing childrenswear businesses for over 95 years in America.
Earnshaw’s print publication is supplemented by an active website and social media presence, making it the voice of the industry.

The seminar is on Monday 10th, starting at 8:15 a.m.

If you would like to participate, please contact Alexandra Marinacci by email at


Each season, famous and not-so-famous artists participate in the scenography of our trends spaces.
They will be presenting their work, custom designed for Playtime, in installations that mix art and market trends.

Northern Lights, Eastern sparkles, or an explosion of colors,
the range of visions for the season's theme, proposed by our trend-setter Julie Malait, will be explored by 5 talented artists.

Naomi Feuerstein and Klara Varosy


'Loominous' is a collaboration between Naomi Feuerstein and Klara Varosy, both graduates from Pratt Institute who currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. This is their first project working together but they are longtime friends and sources for inspiration for each other.
Klara is a designer with whimsical tendencies. Motivated by curiosity, she explores materials, concepts and aesthetics and enjoys discovering through hands-on experimentation. Much of her work plays between art and design and with the intersection of traditional craft and current production methods.
Naomi is an artist and designer whose work breaks the barrier between craft and design by pushing materials to their limits. Her work features recycled materials as an aesthetic challenge and for environmental concerns. In addition to her art, she is known for her platform sneakers and penguin earrings!

Maclyn Milsark

'FIREWORKS' theme by

Maclyn Milsark is a street poet, sculptor, and painter living in Brooklyn, NYC. He received his Bachelor's in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, but has not let this label stifle his pursuit in other mediums.
His multidisciplinary endeavor stems from his belief of the inseparable relationship between art and life. His work, rooted in process and method, focuses on movement, experience, space, and time.
You may see Milsark recording a poem while biking through traffic on Delancy or maybe he's pouring concrete into a mold made from trash. Whatever the medium, Milsark wants to start a conversation, excite the mundane, and make the abnormal relatable.

doriane souilhol

'DIVINE LIGHT theme by

Deborah Stein of the Bonbon Oiseau Workshop and James Knudsen of Quazar Productions create jewelry and adornment, art and light experiences, and ethereal objects and moments. Their work is inspired by old stories and proverbs, daydreamers and epiphanies, travelers and adventurers and the realm where real and imaginary landscapes meet. Deborah is a jewelry artist and painter and thinks in images. James is a lighting director/designer and photographer and thinks in light. This is their first collaboration for an installation but have worked on photo shoots together for many years. (special thanks to Chris Hurtig and Nick Emeric for the “aurora” lamps)
Deborah Stein
James Knudsen



Our curator Judith Fourny will give us the pleasure to show a piece of her art work at the restaurant, referring to our theme of the season!!