This summer, Playtime is getting dressed to the nines!
Amazing and captivating installations, dazzling activities, extraordinary exhibitors,
all come together to illustrate the theme of the season:
Playtime Superstar!

And because we have always loved and supported creativity we will grab any
opportunity to help you discover today's talents by featuring their work in exhibitions,
special events and in our 3 trend spaces.

superstar superstar



KID'S WEAR > Photographer of the Stars

kidswear Ibiza, Cannes, Los Angeles? No, this year the place to be seen is Playtime!
And to reveal the star that is hiding in you, what better way than to don the dream wardrobe created par Emilie Lapeyre for Kid's wear.

All the photos will be featured at the show and then here. 



Since its creation in 2007, every year Playtime has chosen a new artist to illustrate its trade shows in Paris, Tokyo and New York.

This season marks the beginning of a brand new collaboration with Postics, a japanese illustrator based in Kyoto. Discover his whimsical world filled with colorful and kooky characters at the entry of the show and on our 3 websites:

A découvrir aux entrées du salon et sur nos 3 sites :


earnshaw Join Earnshaw’s for a Social Media Panel discussion.
Earnshaw’s publisher, Noelle Heffernan, editor-in-chief, Audrey Kingo, and Carla Zanoni, Director of Social Media and Engagement at, will give you tips to pull ahead on the pack using social media. Frequency, subjects, advertising, time management…you will know all the best practices.

Earnshaw’s is the preeminent children’s apparel business magazine that reaches 15,000 U.S. retailers in the childrenswear market. The publication, which comes out 10 times a year, covering fashion and industry trends, new brands, top companies and retail technologies, has been growing childrenswear businesses for over 95 years in America. Earnshaw’s print publication is supplemented by an active website and social media presence, making it the voice of the industry.

The seminar is on Monday 5th, starting at 8:15 a.m.

If you would like to participate, please contact Alexandra Marinacci 



Twin stars at Playtime ! > Freddy Dico

Freddy Dico is an art collaborative of Freddy & Dico, twin bears that reside in New York City with their father, Fred.dy. At their core is an Ametrine crystal charged with positive energy and good intentions. Freddy Dico's mission is to cultivate happiness and spiritual awareness through joyful, whimsical creations.
Let their good vibes guide you through the show!


Every season well established artists or those still to be discovered are associated

with our 3 Trends Spaces where they present work especially created for Playtime

in installations where art mingles with new trends.

Superheroes, aquatic stars or celebrities with a penchant for green;
all the variations of the superstar theme proposed by our trend-setter Julie Malait will be explored!

GREEN CARPET > by Ritsuko Hirai

With her roots in Japanese culture, Hirai creates fabrics that, through their organic material and simple structures, integrate a quality that speaks of both of an ancient craft and a modern sensibility.

She presents a knitted sculpture that looks like an oversized dip dyed dress invaded by a bunch of plants.

SUPERGRAPHIC > by Melissa Godoy Nieto

melissa-godoy-nieto Melissa Godoy Nieto is a multidisciplinary mexican artist and designer. Born in Tijuana (1985) and raised in Culiacán Sinaloa, México, she is now based in Brooklyn, NY with a BA in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. 

Melissa has particular respect and fascination for traditional crafts and materials, driven by a strong interest in pre-hispanic history, art and hieroglyphics. Her work incorporates hand-made interactions, colors, and textures in a contemporary frame using alternative techniques and structures, often referencing the vibrant palette, dynamic and hand crafted aesthetic of Mexican culture.

STARFISH > by Dana Haim

Dana-haim Textile designer and artist, Dana is inspired by the innate beauty and timelessness of making things by hand. Her work is based on surreal dreamscapes, traditional textiles, colors, patterns, and nature.

At Playtime, Dana will present an installation of hanging fiber sculptures and textile pieces that represent underwater realms and magical worlds.

This season, Playtime New York is rolling out the red carpet!


Playtime New York is for professionals only.